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part of me REALLY wishes that evolution had returned last week in new orleans because that alabama crowd gave evolution such a weak fucking reaction

i know they’re heel and we’re supposed to hate them but DAT FUCKIN THEME SHOULD GET ANY MAN HYPED


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AJ Lee and Big E Langston Wrestling Figures (Credit: RingsideCollectibles.com)


AJ Lee and Big E Langston Wrestling Figures (Credit: RingsideCollectibles.com)


do u ever love a celebrity so much it makes you sad

LOL how did I miss this haha

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Seducing 101 


Seducing 101 

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Anonymous asked, "If you were a wwe wrestler, what would be your theme song?"

I Miss The Misery-Halestorm :)

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ultimateajlee asked, "THANK YOUUUUUU!!!! You have been posting my exact thoughts of this AJ situation. Idiots keep messaging me saying "it's only been a week" *facepalm* This has been the 4th show since she lost her title and we still get NOTHING from her side? Just weird."


Yay. I mean I was scratching my head at people telling others not to freak out that AJ wasn’t at Raw.

But I mean as much as I detested the thought of Paige vs AJ, it wouldn’t have made sense to not book AJ the week after her title lost. Not with the way her character is portrayed.

But if the injury report is accurate, it makes sense why she wasn’t at Raw.

Though I still wonder why the WWE didn’t mention at least within the show for AJ’s absense.

Like a WWE. com report that “AJ Lee was suspended by Stephanie Mchamon after she barged into her office on last Monday Night Raw.” Simple easy explanation right there.

Just all around odd.


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Anonymous asked, "If AJ quits due to her engagement to Punk, would you be pissed at her or Punk? I'm an AJPunk supporter, but it seems really old-fashioned and quite shitty for AJ to leave her dream job to settle down with a man who seemingly lost his love for the business that made him a huge, rich superstar."

I’m not buying this. I don’t think she would do it. She has been working most of her life to achieve what she has been. No way she just up and leave. Whoever believes so is extremely dense and naive. Punk is a non-factor. 

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